Have you ever waited on a promise of God and wondered if it would ever come to pass?  If so, you’re not alone.  There is an interesting account in the eighteenth chapter of First Kings that illustrates the importance of not giving up!

After a long drought in the nation of Israel, Elijah prophesied that the drought was ending.  He then went to the top of a mountain to pray and wait for God to fulfill His promise.  He told his servant to go look toward the sea for the coming rain, but the servant came back saying he saw nothing.  However, Elijah didn’t stop; he had the servant go back seven times to look for rain!  Each time when the servant would return saying, “There is nothing,” Elijah would respond, “Go again” (v. 43).  Finally, on the seventh time, the servant reported, “There is a cloud, as small as a man’s hand, rising out of the sea!” (v. 44).  That was all Elijah needed to hear!  He told the servant, “Prepare your chariot, and go down before the rain stops you” (v. 44).  Sure enough, the sky grew dark with clouds and there soon came a heavy rain.  God’s word was fulfilled!

We can learn so much from Elijah’s actions.  Even though he was believing to see the manifestation of God’s plan, he had to be patient and persistent to see the promise fulfilled.  In the same way, you may be believing God for something great, but so far you see no sign that the promise is coming to pass.  However, I feel that God’s word to you today is the same as Elijah’s word to his servant: “Go again.”

I’m blessed to have a great job as a high school principal, but I had to go through a period of persistence before that door opened.  It was 2003 when God first placed the desire in my heart to become a principal.  After receiving some training, I began applying for principal jobs in 2007.  Over the next five years, I applied for numerous positions, hoping to see my desire come to pass.  While the door to become a principal did not open for a while, I felt led to keep believing and to “go again” time after time.  While the fulfillment of God’s promise took longer than expected, I was blessed to have opportunities in other leadership roles that helped prepare me along the way.  Each opportunity was like another “cloud” forming in the distance.  Eventually, in 2012 the door to become a principal opened, and I was able to step into the promise God had dropped into my heart nine years earlier.  While there were some disappointments during the waiting period, God thankfully kept encouraging me to “go again” until I saw his best plan unfold!

Maybe you’re in a similar situation today.  You may be believing for a family member to receive salvation or you may be believing God for healing in your body.  Maybe you’re believing God to bless you with a spouse or maybe you need a new job.  Whatever it is and no matter how many times you’ve tried before, keep praying, keep believing, and keep trusting the Lord.  Go look again and see what God is bringing your way!