Have you ever received a really great gift that you felt like you didn’t deserve?  God gives those types of gifts all the time!  I think of those gifts as part of an inheritance from God.

The Bible has a lot to say about the idea of inheritance.  Particularly, in the 37th Psalm, David makes at least five references to inheriting earth or land.  For instance, David declares, “Wait on the LORD, and keep His way, and He shall exalt you to inherit the land” (v. 34, NKJV).

What is David referring to?  Well, the acquisition of land is an important concept in the Old Testament, as God had a special promised land marked out for His followers in the nation of Israel.  There are many Biblical accounts about pursuing the land, conquering the land, settling the land, building up the land, and dwelling in the land.

Christians can still certainly apply many principles from those accounts.  The stories of the Israelites pursuing and possessing their promised land encourage us to pursue God’s promises today.  Just as God called the nation of Israel to inhabit a particular place, there is a “place” of blessing that God has called us to enter.  There is a victory He wants us to enjoy.

David’s words about inheriting the land remind us that there is a special blessing of God available to His people.  I think the word “inherit” is very fitting, because an inheritance is a gift people receive simply because of their relation to the giver.  The gift is based on who you are, not what you’ve done.  You don’t earn an inheritance; you simply receive it.

In the same way, God’s greatest blessings are given to us, not because we’ve earned them, but simply because we are children of God.  Yes, we should certainly try to live so that our actions please Him and help others.  However, we must be careful not to be enslaved to a mentality that tries to earn God’s love through our works.

God’s greatest blessings are freely given to us, not earned.  We can’t earn His salvation.  We can’t earn His grace.  We can’t earn His mercy and forgiveness.  We can’t earn His love.  Those blessings are undeserved, but we receive them because we are His children.  The apostle Paul explained, “The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs – heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ” (Romans 8:16-17).  Indeed, we have an incredible spiritual inheritance available to us!

However, did you know it’s possible to be the rightful owner of an inheritance but not even realize or receive it?  You have to first claim your inheritance.  In the same way, Christians need to “claim” their spiritual inheritance.  We need to realize the victory that is available to us simply because we are God’s children!

Several other Old Testament scriptures refer to inheriting the promised land as “possessing” the land.  In fact, the same original Hebrew word can be translated as “inherit” or “possess.”  Again, I believe such double meaning is fitting, because there is an element to inheriting a gift that requires “possessing” it.  Even today, believers must possess the promises of God for themselves by activating their faith to trust His word.

Let’s possess our inheritance in the Lord today!  Wait on the Lord and believe to see His promises fulfilled in your own life.  Even though we don’t deserve it, He chooses to bless His children!