“You open Your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing” (Psalm 145:16, NKJV).

I’m struck by the volume of truth revealed in this statement from the psalmist David.  I believe his words reflect several characteristics of the nature of God, and I’d like to share those with you today.

1. God is our source. When David declared, “You open Your hand,” He was referring to God, acknowledging that He satisfies the desire of every living thing. We can never remind ourselves of this truth enough: God is the source we should seek to fulfill our desires.

How often do we go about things all wrong?  When we have a need, we often seek the answer, but we would be better off to seek the One who has the answer.  Truly, God IS the answer!  James declared, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights” (James 1:17).

2. God is willing to fulfill our desire. Not only does God hold good gifts, but He is willing to give them to us. I love the picture David painted when he declared, “You open Your hand.” Indeed, God doesn’t stand with a clenched fist holding His blessing from us.  No, He opens His hand; He wants to shower us with His blessing!

There is an account in the Gospels of a man who came to Jesus and implored Him to cleanse Him from the disease of leprosy.  He cried, “If you are willing, You can make me clean.”  Jesus simply responded, “I am willing; be cleansed” (Mark 1:40-41).  Jesus reached out His hand to touch him, and the man was cleansed.  In the same way, when we come to Jesus with a need, I believe His willing response is the same.  He wants to answer our prayer and fulfill our desire.

3. God is generous. When God opens His hand, it not only reveals His willingness to bless us, but it also reveals His extreme generosity. Indeed, He is very liberal in His giving.  David proclaimed that God fulfilled the desire of “every living thing.”  That’s a lot of blessing to go around!  Truly, God is a big God, and His storehouses never run empty!

God has an abundant supply of anything we need.  For instance, James pointed out that if anyone lacks wisdom, he should ask God “who gives to all liberally and without reproach” (James 1:5).  Again, notice that God gives to “all” and He gives “liberally.”  Indeed, He is generous to fulfill our desire.

4. God loves us. When I think of God opening His hand, I can’t help but think of how Jesus opened His hands on the cross when He was crucified. In fact, men even drove nails in His hands, yet He endured the pain so He could pay the debt of sin for all who would place their faith in Him.  What love and commitment His sacrifice showed!  Indeed, the foundation of God’s willingness and generosity is His extreme love, and you should know that He loves you today.

Let’s always be mindful that the hands of God are open to us.  He is our source who is willing and generous, and He loves us with an everlasting love.