In the last leadership lesson, I expressed how important it is to choose boldness over timidity.  This week, I’d like to further encourage your bold faith by sharing a simple scripture with a powerful message.  

Proverbs 28:1 explains, “The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion” (NKJV).  Let’s look at three significant ways this verse applies to your role as a leader.

First of all, be aware not to “flee when no one pursues.”  When my children were younger, they would sometimes leave their bedrooms at night because they were scared of some creature they saw.  However, in reality, the “creature” was only a stuffed animal!  My kids fled when no one pursued!  

It’s easy to laugh at them, but sometimes as adults we run away from things that don’t exist as well.  God may place a desire in our heart, but we never act on it, because we get lost in a world of “what-ifs.”  “What if I embarrass myself?  What if I offend somebody?  What if this is not from God?”  While we could keep asking “What if?” all day, most of the fears we conjure up are completely unfounded.  We’re fleeing when no one pursues!  I’ve found that when I reach out to others by acting on a thought God has given me, people are almost always receptive and appreciative, not offended.  So when you get bogged down in the world of what-ifs, recognize those fears as lies and obey God anyway!

Secondly, be bold!  To be bold means to be courageous and daring, to step out even in the face of fear.  Being bold is the opposite of fleeing when no one pursues.  To be bold means you go after things even when challenges or risks exist.  Think about all the examples in the Bible of people who boldly obeyed God in the face of fear.  David challenged a giant who had threatened to destroy him.  Daniel was faithful to pray even when he knew that would cause him to be thrown to a den of lions.  Nehemiah led an effort to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem even while his enemies taunted and threatened him.  Each of these men could have let fear stop him, but he made a choice to be bold and obey God instead.  In each case, God blessed them for their boldness, and they experienced overwhelming victory.  He will do the same for us when we boldly carry out His plan!

Thirdly, pursue like a lion.  I did a little research on lions and learned an interesting fact about the way they hunt for food.  What I learned is that lions stalk their chosen prey.  They don’t just chase everything that comes along, but they go after specific targets.  In the same way, we should be purposeful in what we pursue by having goals to our faith.  When God places a certain desire in our heart, we should focus on that target and go after it purposefully and intently until we see the vision fulfilled.  When it comes to obeying God, we cannot afford to have a nonchalant attitude.  We shouldn’t tell ourselves that we’ll obey God “one of these days” or when we “get around to it.”  That’s not how a lion operates, and that’s not how we should carry ourselves either!  Be prayerful that God will place His dreams and desires in your heart, and then aggressively pursue them to see them fulfilled.

Ask God for boldness, and then step out in faith to do the things He has called you to do.  Don’t be stopped by the lies of what-ifs.  Be bold like a lion and see what God will do!