Have you ever wanted to do something for God but felt like you didn’t have the capability?  There are many examples in the Bible of people who felt that way.  For instance, when the apostle Paul wrote his letter to the Colossian church, he must have suspected that the church members felt a little inadequate.  He told them he was praying that they would be “strengthened with all might” (Col. 1:11).  In its original writing, the word translated as strengthened in this verse is the Greek word dynamoo, which means “to enable, to make capable, or to empower.”  You see, Paul realized that while the members of the church were limited in their natural strength, there was a supernatural empowerment available that would enable them to do the work of God.

That supernatural power is still available to us today!  God wants to enable us to do things beyond our natural abilities, making possible what was not possible before.  Too often though, instead of thinking about how much God’s strength enables us, we focus on the barriers that might disable us from carrying on the work of God.  There are emotional barriers like fear, pride, doubt, and insecurity.  There are practical barriers such as lack of money, time, or experience.  We may feel like we don’t have the right personality, talents, or skills.  However, when we truly understand the strength of God, we realize that any barrier we could imagine is no match for His power.

When Paul prayed that the Colossians would be “strengthened with all might,” the word translated as might is the Greek word dynamis, the origin of today’s English word dynamite.  We’re all familiar with the explosive power in dynamite.  Well, God supplies that same type of dynamic power and energy on the inside of us so that we can accomplish His will!  While there are plenty of barriers and excuses that stand in our way, God blows them all away in an instant with His explosive dynamis power!

God has a way of calling us out of our comfort zones into situations that may intimidate or overwhelm us.  I know I encounter plenty of situations every day that make me feel uncomfortable or inadequate.  But in those times, I often speak in faith under my breath, “God, thank you for enabling me to do this.”  I have seen God come through time and time again, helping me to accomplish things I could not do on my own.  I know God will do the same for you!

As you go through your week, remember that you don’t have to walk in your own strength or ability.  You can be enabled with the incredibly powerful strength of God!  With this truth, choose to walk in victory today.  Don’t let barriers keep you from fulfilling God’s vision for your life.  Call on God to supply you with His supernatural ability and receive His help with an open heart.  Declare that because you are being “strengthened with all might,” you are well able to do what God has called you to do.